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  1. Magicrete Magicbond Block Joining Adhesive - 30 KG
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    Magicrete Magicbond Block Joining Adhesive - 30 KG
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  2. Flyocrete Flyo Bond Dry Mortar Joining Adhesive - 40 KG
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    Flyocrete Flyo Bond Dry Mortar Joining Adhesive - 40 KG
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Block Jointing Mortar - Building Strong Foundations

In construction, precision and durability are non-negotiable. The foundation is the bedrock of success, and among its crucial elements, the right block jointing mortar is key. Trust us! No one likes a wobbly, mushy foundation. 

Explore high-performance block jointing mortars, a collection designed to take your construction projects to new heights. From dry mortar to cement block jointing mortars, our comprehensive range caters to the diverse needs of your construction endeavors.

Explore Our Range of Block Jointing Mortar

At Birla Pivot, we believe in the transformative power of the right block jointing mortar. 

Below are the major categories in our comprehensive range:

  • Introducing the groundbreaking Shree Cement Block Jointing Mortar - a ready-to-use, self-curing marvel designed for AAC block mortar applications. With an extended pot life of 120 minutes and an impressive tensile adhesion strength of 0.34 MPa, this mortar ensures a robust bond for both interior and exterior projects.
  • In tandem, meet Flyocrete Flyo Bond Dry Mortar, a stellar addition to our repertoire. Renowned for its lightweight yet robust AAC blocks, this innovative AAC block fixing mortar offers a pot life of 90 minutes, adhesion strength of 0.34 MPa, and a convenient application thickness of 3 mm. It's a testament to our commitment to delivering solutions that elevate your construction needs.
  • Magicrete introduces the advanced Magicbond Block Joining Adhesive, setting new standards in construction. Boasting a pot life of 90 minutes, a tensile adhesion strength of 0.34 MPa, and impressive area coverage of 180–200 sq. ft., this AAC block joint adhesive delivers unparalleled strength and water retention properties, even in a slim 2-3 mm layer. 
  • Speed Dry Mix Eco Plaster is designed for different surfaces like clay/fly ash brick walls, AAC block walls, and concrete surfaces. This specially formulated Cement-Based Polymer Modified Plaster is ideal for both internal and external walls, offering a superior alternative to traditional site-mixed cement and sand plaster.

Block Jointing Mortar Features

  • The exceptional bonding strength of our mortar guarantees durable masonry. It's resistant to shrinkage, preventing cracks and ensuring the longevity of the construction.
  • Our block joint mortar sets and cures rapidly, significantly reducing construction time. This trait is crucial for meeting tight deadlines while upholding construction standards.
  • The waterproof and weather-resistant properties of our Speed Dry Mix Eco Plaster ensure that structures withstand various environmental challenges, maintaining their integrity over time.

How to Use Block Jointing Mortar?

Effectively utilizing block jointing mortar is a straightforward process, ensuring optimal results for your construction projects. Follow these simple steps:

  • Surface Preparation: Before applying, make sure that the surface is clean, devoid of dust, and properly moistened.
  • Mixing: Follow the recommended mixing ratio for the specific mortar product. Use a clean container and mix thoroughly to achieve a homogeneous consistency.
  • Application: Apply the mortar evenly to the block surface using the appropriate tools. Take care to maintain the desired thickness for optimal bonding.
  • Block Placement: Immediately place the blocks on the mortar bed, ensuring proper alignment and compression.
  • Curing: It is crucial to follow the recommended curing time for the mortar to achieve the desired strength and durability.

Ensuring Safety and Precision in Mortar Application

To make sure your construction projects with block jointing mortars are not only strong but also safe and precise, consider the following:

  • Prioritize safety by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) during the mortar application process. This includes eye protection, gloves and a mask.
  • Follow the recommended guidelines provided by Birla Pivot for the specific block jointing mortar you are using. This ensures optimal performance and longevity of the construction.
  • Maintain precision in mixing the mortar by adhering to the specified ratios. Consistency in mixing improves mortar strength and effectiveness.
  • Weather conditions should be considered during application and curing. Extreme temperatures or adverse weather may impact the mortar's performance, so take precautions accordingly.

Block Jointing Mortar Price and Affordability

At Birla Pivot, our displayed range of block jointing mortars are priced competitively with variations dependent on dryness and quality. We prioritize accessibility for all your construction requirements, ensuring the delivery of cost-effective solutions.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Block Joint Mortar

Consider the following factors when selecting block jointing mortar for your construction projects:

  • Assess the specific needs of your construction project, including the type of blocks, steel used, environmental conditions, and the load-bearing capacity required.
  • Choose a mortar that suits the nature of your construction. Ensure the dry mortar or cement-based material meets project specifications, regardless of its type.
  • Consider critical performance metrics such as pot life, tensile adhesion strength, and application thickness. Match these metrics with the demands of your construction to ensure optimal results.
  • Choose reputable brands that have a well-established history of delivering top-notch block jointing mortars. At Birla Pivot, explore top brands like Flyocrete, Magicrete, and so on. These
  • brands are known for their innovative and reliable products in the construction industry.

Benefits of Block Jointing Mortar

Explore a myriad of advantages with block jointing mortars, making them indispensable for your construction projects.

Enhanced Structural Integrity: Building Stability and Safety

Experience heightened structural integrity with our block jointing mortars. Crafted to deliver robust bonds, these mortars contribute to the stability and safety of your construction. The exceptional bonding strength ensures durable masonry, minimising the risk of cracks and enhancing the longevity of your structures.

Speedy Construction: Meeting Deadlines with Efficient Mortar

Time is of the essence in construction, and our block jointing mortars are designed to expedite the process. With their rapid setting and curing properties, these mortars significantly reduce construction time. This efficiency is crucial for meeting tight deadlines without compromising the quality of your build.

Weather-Resistant Joints: Longevity and Durability

The block jointing mortars go beyond the ordinary by offering weather-resistant joints. This remarkable feature ensures that your structures, including projects involving paver blocks, withstand various environmental challenges, maintaining their integrity over time. Count on our mortars for unparalleled durability, even in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Shop for the Best Block Jointing Mortar Online at Birla Pivot

Selecting the ideal block jointing mortar for your construction project is important. It not only defines structural integrity but also influences the overall success of your endeavour. At Birla Pivot, you can find all aforementioned brands, block adhesives and accessories and much more, all at the click of a button. 

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