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  1. American Standard LuXus Floor Standing Vessel 600 x 425 x 845 mm White Rectangle
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    American Standard LuXus Floor Standing Vessel 600 x 425 x 845 mm White Rectangle
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  2. Queo Q827142510 F-Courbe Free Standing Basin - 44 cm x 45 cm x 85 cm
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    Queo Q827142510 F-Courbe Free Standing Basin - 44 cm x 45 cm x 85 cm
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Free Standing Washbasins for an Elegant and Functional Bathroom

A free standing washbasin is a type of sink designed to stand on the floor without the need for support from a wall or vanity unit. It is distinct from other types of basins due to its standalone structure, which often makes it a focal point in bathroom design. Birla Pivot leads this trend with an exquisite collection of free standing washbasins from leading brands. They are crafted not merely as utilitarian elements but as centrepieces that bring sophistication.

Features and Functions of Free Standing Washbasins

In modern bathroom renovations and constructions, free standing washbasins have become a key component. Their multiple features and functions help address various plumbing needs and suit several bathroom styles. Allow us to explain how:

  1. Faucet and Tap Compatibility: Choosing the Right Fixtures
    Free standing washbasins can accommodate various types of taps and faucets, including mixer, pillar, and wall-mounted. They are designed with either pre-drilled, multiple or no tap holes and suit any bathroom aesthetic and plumbing setup. This flexibility ensures a seamless match with different water pressures, materials, and finishes.
  2. Drainage Options: Ensuring Efficient Water Flow
    Floor standing washbasins are designed to be compatible with a variety of drain types, including pop-up drains, grid drains, and those with removable stoppers. They feature integrated overflow systems, flexible waste pipe connections, and bottle trap integration, facilitating effective water management. Moreover, they come with direct drainage systems that provide a straight path from the basin to the floor drainage, minimising bends and turns where blockages could occur.

Benefits of Free Standing Washbasins

Free standing washbasins stand out for their ability to transform bathroom spaces with their aesthetic appeal. They also provide other benefits, such as simplified installation processes and offering easy maintenance. Let us dive into them:

  1. Standalone Design: Adding Elegance to Your Bathroom Space
    Self standing washbasins create a sense of openness and space within the bathroom. This can make even smaller bathrooms feel more expansive and airy. The standalone nature of these basins allows for the showcasing of exquisite materials, accentuating their texture and colour. This can add depth and interest to the bathroom. Furthermore, the detached positioning of free standing washbasins allows for interesting lighting dynamics elevating its overall design.
  2. Easy Installation: No Need for Wall Mounting
    One of the key benefits of the free standing structure is its easy installation process. Unlike wall mounted washbasins, they stand independently, offering flexibility in bathroom layout and design. This makes it easier to install fixtures and fittings based on your personal preference. It is a boon for both renovation projects and new constructions.
  3. Maintenance Made Simple: Effortless Cleaning and Care
    Maintaining a free standing washbasin is seamless due to its accessible design. The lack of tight corners and hidden areas allows for easy cleaning around and beneath the basin. Unlike an above counter washbasin and under counter washbasin, its standalone nature means you can reach all surfaces without obstruction. This enables efficient removal of dirt and prevents fungal growth.

Buy a Free Standing Washbasin Online from Birla Pivot

A free standing washbasin from leading brands at Birla Pivot not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom but also offers unparalleled ease of installation and maintenance. It is a functional statement piece for any modern bathroom with versatile faucet compatibility and efficient drainage options. Go through the diverse listings on our platform and take your pick. We also offer other types, such as wall mounted and full pedestal washbasins.

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