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Wall Putty - The Foundation of Smooth and Durable Walls

Wall putty is an indispensable material in the construction and renovation of buildings, offering a smooth surface for walls and ensuring their durability. Its application precedes painting, creating an ideal base that enhances paint adherence and finish.

A Guide to Types of Wall Putty

Wall putty comes in various formulations, each designed to meet specific requirements and applications. Here are the highly preferred ones: 

  • Cement Putty

Cement putty is perfect for creating a robust, moisture-resistant foundation on walls. Composed primarily of cement and other binders, it is ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces. It provides a strong base that ensures longevity and protection against environmental factors. It is an ideal pick for those wanting to opt for waterproof putty.

  • Acrylic Wall Putty

Known for its flexibility and superior finish, this is a water-based putty that is easy to apply. It is best suited for interior walls, offering a smooth and rich texture that enhances the paint's appearance and durability. Its versatility also includes the capability to create textured wall putty finishes, adding depth and character to any room with bespoke patterns and designs.

Discover Features of Wall Putty

Wall putty offers several benefits that make it a must-have in construction and painting projects. Explore some of the advantages below:

  • Enhanced Durability

Wall putty significantly improves wall durability, providing a protective layer that shields against cracks, dampness, and peeling. Its application ensures a long-lasting finish, keeping surfaces pristine for years.

  • Smooth Finish

One of the primary advantages of wall putty is its ability to offer a perfectly smooth surface. This characteristic is crucial for achieving a flawless paint job, ensuring an even and appealing appearance across all surfaces.

Explore Areas of Application with Wall Putty

Wall putty finds its use in a multitude of applications, enhancing surfaces across buildings. These are some of the areas of application: 

  • Interior Walls

Wall putty masks imperfections and ensures that the paint adheres better, resulting in a polished and refined look that elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space. This step is crucial before applying interior emulsions to ensure a superior finish.

  • Exterior Walls

Exterior walls benefit greatly from wall putty's protective qualities. It provides a barrier against the elements, preventing moisture penetration and the growth of mold. It also preserves the structural integrity and appearance of the building's façade. Before finishing with exterior emulsions, applying wall putty is a must.

  • Repainting Walls

Wall putty plays a critical role in repainting projects. Filling in cracks and smoothing out surfaces ensures that the new coat of paint looks fresh and vibrant, significantly improving the wall's overall appearance. This makes it an essential precursor to applying a fresh coat of wall paint.

  • Ceiling Surface

Ceiling surfaces, often overlooked, require the same attention to detail. Wall putty ensures a smooth and uniform surface. It helps eliminate blemishes and ensures a professional finish that enhances the room's overall aesthetics. Applying it before putty & undercoats on ceilings guarantees an impeccable finish.

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