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  1. ROTO LOFT TANK 200L (965x705x385) NTR Supreme Tank
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    ROTO LOFT TANK 200L (965x705x385) NTR Supreme Tank
    Item ID: RLTLFT0200NT
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  2. vertical water tank [storefit] 500 ltr ( black) Prince Tank
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    vertical water tank [storefit] 500 ltr ( black) Prince Tank
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  3. vertical water tank [storefit] 1000 ltr black Prince Tank
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    vertical water tank [storefit] 1000 ltr black Prince Tank
    Item ID: IM700009
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Overhead Water Tanks: Combining Functionality with Aesthetics

Overhead water tanks are crucial for ensuring a steady water supply, seamlessly blending functionality with design aesthetics. In the realm of innovative solutions, Birla Pivot offers tanks from leading brands that are not just utilitarian but also visually appealing. So dive into exploring tanks that cater to both residential and commercial needs.

Explore The Features and Benefits of Overhead Water Tanks

Discover the superiority of our listings that are designed to meet the evolving needs of modern infrastructure.

  • Durable Construction
    They are typically installed on the roof of a building. They use gravity to supply water, making overhead tanks a popular choice. The height provides natural water pressure, and the tanks are designed to withstand environmental elements like wind and rain.
  • Easy Installation
    These tanks are engineered for quick and efficient setup, minimising downtime and labour costs. Their design accommodates various site conditions, allowing for seamless integration into existing water systems or new constructions.
  • Different Capacities
    Whether for a small household or a large commercial complex, there is an overhead water storage tank size available to meet every requirement. This flexibility ensures that users have a consistent water supply, essential for daily operations and living comfort. We provide all types of tank capacities from the best brands. This includes options ranging from 200 L, 500 L, and 750 L, to 1000 L, 5000 L, 10000 L, and more. Our wide range makes sure that everyone can find the perfect size to suit their specific needs. 

What Are The Popular Types of Overhead Water Tanks

The choice of material for an overhead water tank can significantly impact its performance and suitability for specific applications.

  1. Plastic
    Plastic designs are favoured for their lightweight, corrosion-resistant properties. These tanks provide an economical option for water storage, being both easy to transport and simple to install. Ideal for residential and light commercial use, plastic tanks are available in various designs and capacities.
  2. Stainless Steel
    For those seeking durability and water purity, stainless steel overhead water tanks are the preferred choice. The tanks are designed to be rust and corrosion-resistant, guaranteeing the water stored inside stays clean. They are especially suited for environments where hygiene is a priority.
  3. Concrete
    Concrete pieces are known for their strength and longevity. They are capable of storing large volumes of water, making them ideal for industrial and municipal applications.

Discover The Key Applications for Overhead Water Tanks

These serve a pivotal role in various sectors, proving their versatility and necessity. Here’s how they can be used in various settings:

  • Residential
    In such areas, overhead water tanks residential ensure a continuous water supply for daily activities like drinking, cooking, and cleaning. They are particularly vital in regions where water supply can be intermittent.
  • Commercial
    Commercial establishments, including offices, hotels, and shopping centres, rely on them for efficient water management. These tanks support hygiene, landscaping, and operational needs, which are essential for maintaining business continuity and customer satisfaction.
  • Industrial
    Industrial facilities use these for process water needs, cooling systems, and emergency firefighting reserves. Their capacity to store large volumes of water ensures that industrial operations can continue uninterrupted.

Buy The Best Overhead Water Tank from Birla Pivot Online

For a top-quality product, look no further than Birla Pivot. With a broad range of overhead water tanks from top brands, we cater to various home and commercial requirements. Our collection is designed to offer the best in class quality and efficiency. So, why wait? You can browse through our selection and choose an overhead water tank for your home or any setting today!

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