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Explore the Quality and Affordability of OPC 43 Cement

OPC 43 (Ordinary Portland Cement), a crucial material in construction, combines quality and affordability, making it a popular choice for various building projects in India. This cement type, known for its moderate strength, is ideal for cost-effective yet resilient construction work.

An Overview of OPC 43 Cement and Its Key Characteristics

OPC 43 cement, known for its multifaceted applications and dependable strength, plays a crucial role in the construction industry, especially in residential building projects. Here's a listicle highlighting its key characteristics:

  1. Fair Strength: It offers adequate strength, making it a reliable choice for moderate load-bearing structures. This ensures stability and longevity in construction.
  2. Consistent Performance: Known for its consistent performance, OPC 43 cement delivers uniform results across diverse environmental conditions, ensuring reliability in varied construction scenarios.
  3. Suitability for Residential Projects: Particularly instrumental in residential construction, OPC 43 cement is a preferred choice for homes, apartments, and other dwelling structures, owing to its optimal balance of strength and versatility.
  4. Good Workability: OPC 43 cement offers good workability, meaning it can be easily mixed and applied. This property is essential for ensuring smooth application and finishing, contributing to the aesthetic and structural integrity of buildings.
  5. Affordability: OPC 43 cement price is relatively cost-effective. This makes it a popular choice for budget-conscious projects without compromising quality and sacrificing performance.

Top Brands Offering OPC 43 Cement on Birla Pivot 

Top brands offering OPC 43 cement in India include some renowned names in the industry. Here is an overview of these brands and their key features:

  1. UltraTech: It is popular for plastering, masonry, and non-structural work. UltraTech OPC 43 is known for its good workability and ease of mixing. 
  2. Sagar: Their OPC 53 and 43 cements are known for their uniformity and dependable results. It is often selected for various types of construction projects. 
  3. JK Super Cement: It's well-suited for non-load-bearing structures. It is recognised for its good setting time and strength development. Get the best JK 43 cement price on Birla Pivot. 
  4. Birla A1 Cement: It is known for its excellent finish and high performance in typical construction settings. Furthermore, they provide products such as PPC cement, OPC 53, etc. 
  5. Shree Cement: Widely used for RCC and non-structural works, also offering white cement for aesthetic and specialised applications.
  6. ACC Cement: Versatile for various structures and known for strength and quality, it includes OPC 43 and white cement in its popular product range.
  7. Ambuja Cement: Noted for high performance and sustainability, Ambuja also provides white cement for distinct, high-quality finishes and applications.
    India Cements, Shankar, Maha, Zuari, and Chettinad are additional brands worth exploring for various construction needs and preferences.


Request a Quote on OPC 43 Cement Price to Place Order

Understanding the cost implications is vital for those planning construction projects. If you're considering OPC 43 Cement for its balance of strength, versatility, and suitability for various applications, getting a precise quote is the next step. 

In addition to OPC 43, you might also explore options like OPC 53, PSC cement and more. It's important to choose the right type based on the specific needs and environmental conditions of your project. To obtain the most accurate and current pricing for building materials and other products like ready mix plaster, request a quote from suppliers on Birla Pivot now. 

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