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Switches and Sockets: Ultimate Selection for Quality and Aesthetics

Unveil the perfect blend of style, functionality, and innovation with our extensive selection of plug sockets and switches. Designed to cater to every need, our collection goes beyond traditional expectations to offer smart solutions and elegant designs. Explore the various switches and sockets available, focusing on the unique features and sophisticated designs that make our range stand out.

From smart wall sockets that bring your home into the 21st century to multi sockets that provide the versatility you need, products are tailored to enhance all kinds of living and working spaces. 

The Different Kinds of Switches Offered on Our Platform

Here are the different types of switches— each serving a unique purpose, catering to various needs and enhancing the functionality and convenience of living and working spaces.

  1. One-Way Switch: A standard switch that controls a light or power outlet from a single location. It is ideal for simple on/off operations in rooms like bedrooms or offices.
  2. Two-Way Switch: Allows control of a single light or power source from two different locations. This is particularly useful for staircases, long hallways, or rooms with multiple entry points.
  3. Smart Switches/Wireless Master Switch: These switches offer advanced features such as remote control via smartphone apps and integration with home automation systems. They can include functionalities like sleep/wake-up routines or home/away settings for energy savings and convenience.
  4. Hotel Key Fob Switch: Designed specifically for hospitality settings, this switch operates when a hotel room key fob is inserted, controlling power to the room. It's an energy-saving solution that ensures lights and appliances are off when the room is unoccupied.
  5. Infrared Sensor Switch: A motion-activated switch that turns lights or appliances on or off based on movement within its range. Suitable for bathrooms, garages, or entryways where hands-free operation is beneficial for convenience and energy efficiency.

Different Power Ratings of Switches and Sockets

Our extensive range of switches and sockets is designed to cater to diverse electrical needs, from low-power devices to high-demand appliances. Understanding the power ratings and functionalities will ensure you select the right product for safety, efficiency, and performance.

  • 6 Amp. - Switches and Sockets: They are perfect for lighting circuits and small gadgets, catering to table lamps and minor appliances. These switches and sockets prioritize energy efficiency and safety, making them ideal for devices requiring minimal power.
  • 10 Amp. - Plug Socket with Switches: They serve medium-sized appliances and are versatile for home use. These switches and sockets efficiently power fans, computers, and TVs, balancing energy needs and conservation. 
  • 16 Amp. - Socket with Switch: They are engineered for high-demand appliances and equipment, including kitchen devices and heating systems. These switches and sockets deliver essential power for heavy-duty use, incorporating advanced safety features to manage the increased electrical load effectively.

The Variety of Sockets Online on Birla Pivot

The following sockets showcase various functionalities tailored to multiple needs. Let’s understand each of them in detail:

  1. Multimedia Connectivity: Elevate home theatres with HDMI sockets for crystal-clear audio and video. Coaxial sockets ensure strong TV and broadband signals.
  2. Specialty and High-Power Sockets: Designed for heavy-duty appliances, these sockets support high electrical demands and offer dual-voltage for personal grooming devices. 
  3. USB Sockets: Modern living demands constant connectivity. USB sockets offer convenient, fast charging for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  4. Telephone Sockets: Essential for modern homes and offices, they provide a stable and secure connection for landline phones.

Buy Switches and Sockets Online at Best Prices on Birla Pivot

The range of electrical sockets and switches on our platform is designed with a focus on reliability, safety, and aesthetics. So, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Shop switches and sockets based on your construction needs, whether upgrading a residential space, outfitting a commercial property, or seeking energy-efficient solutions for hospitality settings like hotels. Our collection features everything from basic switches and sockets to advanced, smart options that integrate seamlessly with modern technology. Shop now.

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